If you live in Hungary, you probably have heard

of the Kedves Üzenetek “movement”. For those of you who don’t speak hungarian, Kedves Üzenetek means Kind Comments.

I have wanted to take part in it so badly when @lidiaontheroad organised the first event, but I was still living in the UK, so I have only been an observer, rather than a part taker.

Why? Because I was way too timid to start something right where I was. Because I could only think about what if nobody sees it, what if nobody cares about it, what if people just walk pass it and the list of excuses could go on.

If only I cared less about how many people will be influenced, I could have realised that it is not about numbers. If only I could have realised that if I am able to help just one person to see themself as a precious jewel or help only one person see that judging others leads nowhere… could have a huge impact on thousands of others…

Well, it took me some time to realise that if I want to see change in the world, I have to be that change.

Since then I have moved back to Hungary and when there was a call for spreading kind comments this coming week in the streets of Budapest it was not even a question that I am going to take part in it. But also, what I have realised that, this action does not have to have a special time limit on it.

There is always time to encourage someone. May it be your mom and dad, your best friend or your significant other or a total stranger. Also, spreading kindness does not stop at leaving kind notes wherever you go. Of course, it does help, as words have power. But also, words without actions are dead. I am therefore encouraging all of us to love on one another with actions of kindness as well. Smile at a stranger. Ask that old lady if you can help her with her shopping bag. See a tourist who looks super lost? Point them to the right direction.

The world could be so much more beautiful if people were a lot less self-focused.

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