The first Sunday in May is always

a special day in Hungary, as we celebrate a special person. Without this person, non of us would be alive right now. Yes, you have guessed it right: today is Mother’s Day and I wanted to come up with a special card I have personalised for my mum and grandma. I have not spent this day with them for the past nearly 10 years. It has always been just WhatsApp calls, Facebook messages and postcards. However, last year I made my own Mother’s Day card and thankfully it arrived safe and sound. If you want to see the design from last year, you can find it here.

With this post, I also want to officially say that we are slowly, but surely starting to print out the very first cards from my collection and you can already pre-order them.

We are one small step closer to the dream of opening our first business.

Thank you so much for your love and support thus far. 🧡


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