We had a very busy, creative weekend

filled with lots of strategic planning and working on illustrations. There are some custom ones which are -or soon will be-with their lovely (and hopefully happy) new owners.
We also have some exciting news! We have printed out some more designs, which means we now have 18 postcards you can choose from. Our hearts’ desire is also to collaborate with some creative design shops around Hungary and possibly in the UK, so we appreciate if you guys are cheering for us as we are thinking about the way forward. 🧡
Also, if you have ever received a lettering or illustration from barbsiegraphy and you are happy the way it turned out, we would appreciate if you could spread the word, upload a photo to social media, so more people can bless their loved ones or give a gift to themselves with a cute digital art or a card.
Wishing you a lovely week ahead and now let’s have a look at some of the cards, shall we….?
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