Barbs is a creative artist

from Budapest, Hungary, specializing in lettering and illustration with a passion to spread hope, love, positivity and encouragement.

“I am a firm believer of The Good News and a passionate lover of coffee, Glossier, architecture, avocado, my hubby and I am a proud mama to many plants. These “loves” are clearly reflected in all my lettering and illustration and my purpose is to create artwork that represents simplicity, faith, motivation and something that all people can relate to. My passion is seeing people discovering who they are meant to be and then being happy in their own skin, believing in themselves, being inspired and having the courage to step out and pass on this attitude to their friends as well-perhaps with a cute card.”

After being encouraged by friends and family, Barbs decided to “dream big” and  take her passion to the next level and this is how Barbsiegraphy was born in 2018.

Apart from working on her own collections and series, she is also making custom designs both in lettering and illustration to suit every need and occasion.

“I would like to create that card with that inside joke or that very specific encouraging sentence on it…you know, the one you cannot find in the shops because it is uniquely tailored to the person.

I am also open to be working together with other creatives, brands, coffee shops and companies and I would absolutely love to hear from you!”