• From dream to reality

    There was a long way from a little four year old girl designing cat magazines to where we are now. ☺️

    Here at Barbsiegraphy we believe in prompting (self) love, acceptance, inclusion and kind words seasoned with a pinch of humour., as we all need that regardless our age, gender or background.


    Every piece of illustration is made with love and with “relatableness” in mind.

    As well as having a range of heartwarming and fun birthday cards or showing you a few of the famous sights of Budapest, we cover some of the issues of the human heart and of today’s society centred around the questions that deep down each individual has in their soul: “Am I worthy? Am I good enough? “ You can see some of these
    covered in our illustrations that we share through our social media platform.


    Apart from having our own range of products, we support and love working together with others. We offer a wide range of editorial style illustration to clients all over the world and have been working on paper and online magazine illustrations, app
    illustrations and product illustrations to date. You can see some past and
    present projects in more details under our “collaboration” section.